japanese treatments

now:2hrs NT 1999
It can correct the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promotiong health
now:1hr NT 1000 / 2hrs NT 1900
The massagist help you to stretch the muscle in order to suppress convulsions and relax hurt. You man feel your skin become more bright and can relieve sore muscle but also strengthen your immunity, prevent vessel ageing.
G5 推脂美體雕塑
now:50mins NT 1299
Accelerate lymph circulating to improve edema problem by massage.
now:30mins NT 899
If you were too busy to take care of yourself, we make a special body whiting program for you. This program, from head to feet, cherishs every part of your skin with 100% natural botanical serum, which will pore peel and do body care at the same time.
now:90mins NT 2399
Helps to tighten and reduce puffiness, reduce signs of aging. Evectivley and deeply nourish and hydrate skin, improve rough pore and leave skin brighter and younger!
now:30mins NT699
Studies on the Chinese meridian, there are 8 Meridian on head, and more than 40 acupuncture points, combs the hair frequently or the forehead massage can effectively improve the forhead blood circulation.